• All About The Shake On Your Pilates Reformer

    The Pilates Reformer is the perfect full-body workout, designed to challenge you without putting you at the risk of injury - but maybe you’ve been in your Pilates class and felt your muscles shudder. You might have also found this happening if you go for a long walk uphill and suddenly have to walk back
  • Group fitness in Melbourne: why it’s time to get involved

    When you’re taking steps to improve your fitness, group based fitness classes can be a fantastic option. Group classes give you the chance to meet new people and try out different workouts in a motivating and fun environment. If you’re ready to get involved with group fitness in the Melbourne area, we’re here to share
  • Newsletter – June / July 2017

    Share The Love… With our Karmic Rewards This Month  At KAYA we believe what goes around comes around, which is why we love rewarding you with free time whenever you share the love. This month, we are feeling EXTRA generous! To thank you for motivating your friends and family to join KAYA we are offering

  • Finding balance: the restorative power of yoga

    Yoga is wonderful way of finding stillness in your otherwise hectic day and provides some impressive benefits. Not only does yoga provide physical benefits, it also offers mental restoration. With our extensive experience providing traditional yoga classes in Prahran, we’ve seen first-hand the positive power of regular yoga practice. Today, we’ll be sharing how the
  • Why Autumn Mornings Are Perfect For Yoga Classes

    Autumn is a glorious middle-way season. The unforgiving chills of winter are still on the horizon, and the warmth of the summer sun has kissed our skin a bit too much by now. Time to sink into the season of yellowing leaves, hot chai, and stewed fruits that didn’t make it to sale in spring
  • Kaya Member Newsletter – April / May 2017

    Changing your perspective… In February Koula and I welcomed Billie Rose Yolanda Ruggeri into the world. Lucas has become a big brother, our family of three has become a family of four and we are absolutely over the moon. However, the transition from one child to two is nothing short of a game changer. I’m

  • How To Know You’ve Found Your Dream Fitness Centre

    You’ve tried every 24 hour, no-contract gym in town, and sampled the trendy fitness classes or Melbourne favourites from way back. But how do you know when it’s right? When you look around and see radiant gym-goers, singing their praises of their Melbourne fitness clubs, you wonder ‘is it supposed to be like that? Can
  • Our Best Tips For Beginners To Pilates

    Have you been thinking about trying something new lately? It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby, and Pilates classes for beginners are the perfect way to embark on your Pilates journey. Pilates is a system of safe, controlled movements and exercises, and can be undertaken by people of any age or ability
  • Teacher Training In 2017: Learn To Teach Pilates With Kaya

    If you’ve ever wanted to be in the Australian Ballet or Melbourne Storm, but you’ve never quite made it through tryouts, fear not - you can still train like them. Kaya Health Clubs are the official Pilates and Yoga providers to the Melbourne Storm, as well as supporting the bodies and minds of the Australian
  • Are Barre Classes Cardio? And Other Questions

    There aren’t many people who wouldn’t love to have a dancer’s body. Think of Dirty Dancing, Step Up, Black Swan - it’s no wonder that we adore the long lines and graceful control of their body when it has been the subject of countless television shows and films. So what can you expect from barre

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