Pilates Practitioner – Emporium

e: kirbyc@kayahc.com.au
t: 0457 005 536

Kirby was introduced to Pilates during her teenage years to complement her classical ballet training as a form of rehab. It wasn’t until she undertook her instructor training that she fully realised the scope of Pilates and how it could be tailored to suit so many different people – from those with injuries, to those that want to find their abs and glutes, all the way through to elite athletes.
Kirby enjoys teaching a fluid class, with plenty of options to keep everyone challenged. She’ll encourage you to work hard but smart, and have a laugh along the way. She has previously worked in both Clinical Pilates (alongside physiotherapists, osteopaths and massage therapists) as well as teaching group reformer and mat classes in a variety of settings.
Kirby is currently completing an Exercise Science degree at VU to complement her Pilates qualifications.