Ryan Scammell
Membership Adviser Prahran

Originally coming from a performing arts background, this cheeky boy doesn’t shy away from a spot light. Get him talking and you’ll find it hard for him to stop, performing taught Ryan the importance of self-awareness, and self-love. Now driven to give back, and help others.

An advocate for mental health, and wellbeing, Ryan has a passion for encouraging others to take that much needed step towards their goals. Not coming from a long history of fitness, it’s only been in the past two years Ryan has put his best foot forward and hit the gym floor, previously being intimated and uneducated, yet now immensely confident with the help of resident personal trainer Billy and the team here at Kaya, this Chapel street local has found his place within the Kaya family and is also studying to become a Nutritionist to aid in giving back.

The chapel street socialite, natural creative, and brunch addict, loves a social event, clothing and indoor plants. If he’s not with friends (talking their heads off), he’s at home painting, photographing his cat, and endlessly tagging people in memes.