Taylor Johnson is best known for her fluid, dynamic vinyasa flows, and for her soft, soothing yin practices. In her vinyasa flows, Taylor’s sequences follow a one breath, one movement pattern as yogis smoothly transition from warrior poses to balancing poses to inversions.  Taylor’s vinyasas are the apex of strength and flow with meditative focus. Whether it is challenging arm balances, funky transitions, or melting butter savasana, Taylor’s flow embodies rhythm, breath and connection.

For those interested in the yin side of the spectrum, Taylor is a relaxation savant, helping you to tap into your parasympathetic nervous system through meridian channeling poses. Yoga is for everyone, regardless of level or experience, and Taylor is extremely excited to share her knowledge and experience with you in the shala. Explore the body, get to know yourself, and learn to fall in love with your own movement and breath.