Ball Exercises

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From Jodie Sheehy | Training & Development Manager

Here is the beginning of exercises with the balls as well as a number of exercises to help in utilising the poles.

I have named all the exercises so they’re easy to find. We won’t be adding the balls in class until I have heard from everyone (via phone please) that you have all watched the videos.

There is nothing fancy with the exercises. Please try and keep exercises with the balls simple. The balls will challenge coordination so be mindful that coordination may not come easily to some people.

Always give the option to work without the balls or pole. Some videos have multiple arm exercises with the balls. Obviously you can choose just the one. Majority of these exercises are exercises from Elixr so you all know them, they just have a pole or balls. I didn’t add any cuing as these exercise you will all know and already do, they just have a prop. Obviously cue getting in and out of the exercises as you always would.

Start to introduce the balls with just a couple of exercises in a class, rather than overloading and trying to do the whole class with the balls. If you’re unsure, let me know when we chat. Please make sure you practice the exercises before you teach them. Again, always make sure members have the option to not work with the balls or pole.

The pole is great for things like squats and lunges and keeps members for flexing. Anyone with neck issues may chose not to use the pole. If you’re not sure, ask when we chat. I always explain when I use the pole for squats and lunges, for members to feel the position of their upper back and shoulders. This will help them find the same position without the pole.

Please make sure you practice things like feet in straps with the pole for getting in and out of the exercise. Make sure members are all putting the pole in the same side to avoid any pole hitting each other.

PLEASE NOTE There are clear videos here of where to put the balls at the beginning of class (under the wooden platform) and where to put them at the end of the class (back on the wooden platform). Please instruct members every time so balls don’t get left underneath the platform.
At the end of each class, when using props, please remember to instruct members to put there props back. Before you leave the studio, double check that the room is neat. If you don’t see all balls on the platform, please find the time to put them back yourself.

I look forward to hearing from you all that you have watched the videos and are ready to add these props.

My number is 0431143374.

Storing Balls for DURING Class

Returning Balls at the End of Class


Lunges 2

Lunges Single Ball

Short Box Roll Down

Shoulder Flexion Unilateral 2

Skater Balls

Hands in straps ball

Hands in straps ball 2

Shoulder Flexion Unilateral

Hip Rolls

Kneeling Shoulder Extension

Standing Abduction 2

Standing Abduction


Supine hands in straps Unilateral

Supine leg press

Side Lift

Pole Lunges

Pole Squats

Pole Standing Abduction

Short Box Round Back with Pole

Short Box Side Hold Pole

Side Kneeling with Pole rotation

Sitting Pole Upper Back

Feet in straps getting in and out

Feet in straps pole with demo to get in

Feet in straps poles

Feet in straps poles 2

Bicep Curl Pole