• Introductory Courses: Helping You Make the Most of Boxing, Yoga and Pilates Classes in Melbourne

    Pilates Classes, Introductory Courses: Helping You Make the Most of Boxing, Yoga and Pilates Classes in Melbourne

    It’s an empowering decision when you make a commitment to start going along to some fitness classes to help meet your health and wellness goals. However, it can also feel a little intimidating when you go along to an unfamiliar class! If you feel unprepared for your next class and are finding that your uncertainty is holding you back, an introductory course or workshop is the perfect option for giving you the confidence you need.

    Offers background information

    Going along to an introductory course for your fitness classes gives you valuable information about the philosophy and background of the particular form of exercise. Not only is this interesting, it also helps guide your engagement in your class. For example, learning more about the philosophy underpinning yoga means you have a better understanding of the importance of the mind and body connection so you can focus on developing this when you go along to your classes.

    Perfect your technique

    If you’re keen to give classes such as yoga for Beginners, Pilates and boxing a try but are feeling a little intimidated about being left behind when it comes to technique, your introductory course is here to help you out. From getting the stance right in boxing class, learning how to engage your core correctly in Pilates or perfecting downward dog in yoga, introductory courses will give you guidance from the experts so you can be confident that you’ve mastered the basics. Even if you’ve been going along to classes for a while an introductory course gives you the perfect opportunity to ask any burning technique related questions or to help you further perfect your form and technique.

    Helps to develop confidence

    It’s often self-doubt which holds us back when it comes to trying new things. Whether you’re worried that a certain class is beyond your capabilities or that you won’t be able to keep up, an introductory course is a gentle way to get you acquainted with a certain fitness class so you develop confidence. With a little practice and familiarity courtesy of your course or workshop, you’ll have the confidence you need to start regular classes.

    Deepens your current understanding

    Even if you’re not a newbie and have been going along to a particular fitness class for quite some time, an introductory course can help to refine your technique and give you better insight into the background of particular exercise. There’s always something new to learn and going along to a course can help deliver a richer, more connected experienced when you go along to your normal class.


    Here at Kaya Health Clubs, we’re always looking for new members to welcome into our fitness studios in Prahran and Emporium Melbourne CBD. Along with our extensive range of authentic Pilates, Yoga and fitness classes, we also offer complimentary introductory courses & workshops to our members for Pilates, yoga and boxing. These allow you to become familiarised with the methodology and techniques so you feel confident going along to your first class.


    If you’ve been looking for fitness clubs in Melbourne, visit Kaya and take a look around our Prahran or Melbourne Emporium CBD studios. We look forward to showing you around!

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