• Has the brunch crowd moved from cafes, to Melbourne yoga studios?

    Weekend brunch in Melbourne is a long held tradition that is cherished by both city dwellers and suburbanites alike. With a sea of never ending cafés on offer around every corner, it is a social calendar staple to get together with your best pals over a latte. However, in recent times there seems to be a shift happening, seeing the café faithfuls slowly migrate to Melbourne yoga studios, as Yoga in Melbourne becomes the new trendy way to multitask your social life, where you can see your friends, and get in a restorative yoga session at the same time.


    Premium Yoga Spaces

    Yoga studios have changed a lot in the last decade, where they used to be a perfunctory class jostled into a fitness centre’s busy class schedule, there are now dedicated Melbourne yoga studios, such as the ones within Kaya Health Clubs, that offer more than just a yoga session, they offer comfort and relaxation within their premium studios.  Boasting a team of highly experienced and dedicated yoga instructors, who have a passion for yoga and its traditions, they are keen to ensure attendees get the most out of their class, so you and your friends leave feeling recharged and re-energised.

    Get Social

    Group classes are a great way to catch up with friends.  Kaya Health Clubs have convenient locations near public transport, in Prahran and Melbourne (CBD), meaning you can use the Melbourne yoga studio as your meeting point, enjoy a class together, then head out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The best part; for only $34 per week, it costs less than a serve of smashed avocado on toast and a latte, for you to have unlimited access to as many yoga classes you want (plus pilates, barre, boxing & so much more), with your friends, allowing you to get social, and save money.

    Health Conscious Shift

    While the thought of tucking into a huge brunch can seem appealing after a big Friday or Saturday night, in today’s health conscious society, people are realising that we need to look after our bodies, so sitting at a coffee may seem nice, the benefits that come from practising yoga in Melbourne far outweigh the short term thrill of a cronut or Nutella waffle stack! By instead turning a yoga class into a social activity, it takes away the temptation to overindulge at a cafe, and seamlessly introduces a health and wellness opportunity that can easily slot into your busy weekend day.


    Weekend brunch will always have a place in the hearts of all Melbournians, but if you are looking to step up your weekend catch ups, it might be time to get your friends together to take a group yoga class. Once you have treated your bodies to some TLC, and spent some time caring for your health and wellbeing, you can still head to a local café to catch up over a green tea and acai bowl to refuel your body, but at least you can now do so, without the blood sugar imbalance that sweet and fatty treats can leave behind.

    To try a yoga class at Kaya Health Clubs, take advantage of a complimentary class!  Call and speak to the team at Kaya to start your yoga journey 03 9090 1000.

    About the Author

    Demi fell in love with yoga when she travelled to India when she was 20 years old. She loved the feeling of bliss she experienced both during and after class, and how that feeling would stay with her throughout her day. It was also in India, that Demi learned how much she loved to write about her travels. She believes that stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us understand. They imprint a picture in our minds. This led her to her job as a Content Writer. She loves helping businesses tell stories. Especially when the stories involve educating readers on the endless benefits of yoga and Pilates- two of her most loved fitness regimes
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