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  • How To Avoid The Most Common Boxing Classes Injuries

    No matter your training style, whether you swear by long walks down the river or interval training sessions with your personal trainer, you run the risk of injury. Boxing classes are no different. You have to learn to pivot and manoeuvre in an entirely new way, and this can lead to injury or sprains if proper care isn’t taken. Here’re a few tips to take with you on your boxing classes, perfect for beginner classes or advanced.

    Women Taking A Boxing Class At Kaya Health Clubs

    1.Keep Your Elbow Close While Punching

    Remain aware of your elbow during your punch, and watch if it tries to lift away from your body as you start to punch. It should always remain as close to you as possible, and not levitate away – this could lead to strain on the shoulder, which causes stress and injury for shoulder tendons and muscles.

    2.Hands Up

    Obviously during a real fight, having your hands up would deflect injury from your opponent, but this habit comes in handy during class too. Once you drop your hands, you’re less likely to return to proper form for your next hit and more likely to punch incorrectly, leading to strain.

    3.Kick With Your Instep

    For the slightly seasoned boxing enthusiast, this tip will make perfect sense. Most beginner boxers will make this mistake, and kick with the toes rather than the flat top of the foot. Many boxers have suffered acute pain and often broken toes thanks to this, although it’s something you only learn the hard way once.

    4.Always Warm Up

    Before a workout, it’s always going to be safer if you warm up. Start off with a jog, or some star-jumps to get the blood flowing and wake up the muscles, and they’ll be ready to take on the class. Save the stretching for after class, to help mobilise the lactic acid. Stretching before class can leave small tears in cold muscles, so it’s better to start with a warm-up.


    Your boxing class would have depleted your body of a lot of nutrients and fluids, so provide it with the recovery fuel it needs to bounce back and repair. Without this, you could be running your body into the ground without enough to restore itself.

    beginner boxing classes

    KAYA Health Clubs offer boxing classes and boxing style circuit fitness classes to all of our members, held by experienced fighters with qualifications in group exercise training. Beginners are always welcome to come and attend classes, held across our multiple convenient Melbourne locations.

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