• January February Newsletter 2022

    January February Newsletter 2022

    A Message From Christian

    I never thought I’d be starting 2022 writing about the ‘C’ word….

    Who would’ve thought we’d be welcoming 2022 with more than 14,000 daily Covid cases in Victoria. 
    When you have family, friends or employees having to isolate as they’ve tested positive or are a close contact, realisation sets in and you start wondering is this what our so called ‘Covid normal’ is meant to look like?
    Personally, I feel things aren’t getting better, if anything they’re getting worse. The amount of close friends, employees and members who have caught the virus is astonishing. Until recently I only knew of literally two people that I could say I personally knew that had contracted Covid. Now, it’s like everyone I speak with is in the same position. If you or your loved ones have been sick from this virus we truly feel for you and all I can say is stay strong and take care of yourself. 
    None of us imagined welcoming 2022 this way, however I know personally I am going to try to take each day as it comes. My main priority is to keep my family and those around me safe, but we also need to keep living. We have a better understanding of what we can and cannot do. We can’t allow it to STOP our lives. 

    My advice is to try and approach 2022 in a positive way and continue to live life with what we can control. If we can travel – book that trip, if we can go out – book your favourite restaurant, if we can have group gatherings – have that get together! Don’t let time pass you by. 

    I’ve accepted 2022 may shape up to be similar to previous years (god willing without the lockdowns). The positive here is that we’re better prepared for what’s to come, however one thing I will NOT allow this virus to control is my time. 
    We (YOU) all need some YOU time. Time away from the same four walls in our homes. Time to reconnect with nature, family and friends. Time is something we’ve all lost over the last twenty-two months (let’s call it two years). Time is something we cannot get back, and time will tell when things will return to the way they were pre-covid.

    Until then, continue making smart and COVIDsafe choices but don’t allow Covid to dictate how you should spend your time. We’ve all endured enough and put too much on hold over the recent years. It’s time to control what you can and let go of what you can’t. 
    Stay safer than ever and regularly check in with loved ones. Above all, be KIND to people. Treat people the way you’d expect to be treated. Let’s make Kindness the new ‘normal’.

    Christian Ruggeri | Founder

    Club News

    Enjoy the New Year with friends

    Kickstart this New Year with a friend or family member! As a thank you for motivating them to begin their KAYA journey, we will gift you with TWO WEEKS FREE membership! 

    Click here to book your guest

    Introductory Courses: They’re Back!

    Our Intro Courses develop and enhance your skills in Pilates, Yoga & Boxing. Learn from the experts how to refine form and technique, master the basics and feel confident in class. 

    Click here view course dates and book

    Switching Off

    Please leave all personal belongings in the lockers provided. Mobile phones are a distraction and tripping hazard for our instructors and others in class. Class time is your opportunity to switch off and focus on YOU.

    Coming Soon: An American In Paris

    KAYA is thrilled to be the Health Club of choice for many musical theatre productions and now we are proud to support An American in Paris; brought to you in part by The Australian Ballet. An American in Paris will play at the State Theatre from March 2022. Look out for the cast and crew training at our Emporium club throughout March and April!

    Read More

    Turn Your Passion Into A Career

    Reformer Pilates Teacher Training! Do you have a passion for Pilates? Thinking about making a career change? Enrolments are NOW open for our March 2022 Pilates Teacher Training Course. Spaces are strictly limited so enquire today!

    Click here to learn more.

    The Australian Ballet Return To The Stage

    KĀYA has proudly supported the minds and bodies of The Australian Ballet since we opened in 2012⁠.
    After an extended period of no performances and most seasons being pushed back to next year, The Australian Ballet will grace the stage once more in 2022. Their first performances will include the Summertime Ballet Gala, and Anna Karenina. 

    Consider Others When Using Weights

    We’re happy we can offer a full weights area in addition to all our classes and we love seeing members make the most of it. Please be mindful when using the weights equipment to unrack and return your weights once you’re finished using them.

    Class Waitlists

    If you receive an SMS/email notification that you have been bumped into a class you previously waitlisted for, you now have an allocated spot in that class and it is treated as a confirmed booking. However, if you can NO LONGER attend the class, you MUST CANCEL the booking.

    For all early morning class waitlists, we would encourage you to either ensure that you are up early enough for the class OR you can remove yourself from the waitlist the night before as you could be bumped in overnight (up until 3-hours prior to the class starting).

    To cancel your spot in the class you have been bumped into, simply reply N to the SMS you received (if you have enabled SMS) OR log in to your KAYA Mindbody account, click: ‘MY ACCOUNT’ / ‘SCHEDULE’ / then cancel your booking.

    Cancellations received less than 3-hours prior to class commencement as well as late arrivals are considered no-shows and will incur a $35 no-show fee / late cancellation fee.

    Setting Intentions

    Make It Happen!

    2022 is the start of a fresh and brand new year! We’ve all made New Year’s Resolutions over the years with the very best intentions of seeing them through. Whether to save money, spend more time with the family, lose the Christmas kilos or just being kinder to ourselves.
    But how often do we actually commit to those resolutions long-term? Life gets busy and those goals can seem further and further from reach. New Year’s Resolutions can be hard to stick to when we don’t know HOW they can be achieved! So here are some practical ways to not only make those resolutions but achieve them too!

    Write them down – make your resolutions meaningful and realistic. This can help you to own the commitment you have made to work hard and see them achieved.

    Set a deadline – put a date in your calendar so you have a target date to work towards to see your goals through.

    Work on your mindset – be your own biggest cheerleader – You’ve got this!

    Take the first step – while almost always the hardest one to take, once you make a start, the next step will be easier.

    Continue to completion – keep the completion of your goals in your focus. Commit to doing at least one thing every day that is going to move you closer toward your end result.

    REWARD YOURSELF – it is so important to celebrate when you have made your vision a reality. Look back over what you have achieved and enjoy the success of what your focus and commitment has brought you.

    You deserve to dream big and make 2022 yours!   

    Boxing @ KAYA

    At Kaya Health Clubs, our Boxing classes are a fun and motivating way to mix up your fitness routine and challenge your body in a different way. Boxing is an inspiring challenge, mentally and physically, and it can also safely manage anger and stress whilst improving your self-discipline and confidence. 

    Are Boxing classes at KAYA Health Clubs suitable for beginners?
    Yes! Whether a beginner or advanced, our experienced instructors have the skills and expertise to provide modifications to cater for all fitness levels.

    What can I expect from a Boxing class?
    Our goal is to provide you with a dynamic, high-intensity and full body workout which will leave you feeling energised and motivated. Each participant will be partnered with another member according to your level of experience, so it is not only interactive but also a great way to meet new people and have fun with friends.

    What do I need to bring?
    Boxing gloves are provided to you for the class, or you may prefer to bring your own. Inners must be worn, so please bring them to each class or you can purchase a pair from reception. Water bottle and sweat towel are a must.

    What are the benefits of Boxing?
    Boxing increases strength and stamina all while improving your balance, agility and hand-eye coordination. It embraces the benefits of mindfulness and has been known to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, as well as lower blood pressure. Boxing can burn fat, increase muscle tone and also improve core stability.

    Book a Boxing class today!

    Exclusive Member Parking Offer

    KAYA Members can access a reduced parking rate of $9 when traveling to Emporium nights (from 4pm) and weekends. Simply use code KAYA9 when you pre-book. Available at select Secure Parking locations: The Strand 323 Lonsdale Street, 59 Lonsdale Street and 460 Lonsdale Street.

    Pre-Book your parking here

    Starting Your Yoga Journey at KAYA

    People tend to feel a little overwhelmed when they start their yoga practice. This is natural! We suggest you set a goal of how many classes you will attend per week and hold yourself to this. For the first two weeks, experiment with different classes to see which style resonates best with you. ⁠

    Once you have found what class suits you, commit to attending that class weekly. Coming to class regularly is important when you begin as it enables you to develop a greater understanding of the postures, breathing techniques and class format. Create a habit of allocating time for yourself and your practice and then commit to it! After a month or so you will start to notice the reverberating benefits throughout your day, week and life. ⁠

    Our classes are for all levels, our experienced instructors cater to all members regardless of experience level.⁠

    Types of Yoga at KĀYA

    Hatha is the ‘Mother’ of Yoga. It builds a strong ‘foundation’. This is an excellent class in which to begin your yoga practice, as you are able to familiarise yourself with key postures in a slower environment.⁠

    This style incorporates increased cardiovascular energy due to a fast-paced flow between postures and the number of postures approached.⁠

    This class is more suited to students with some previous yoga experience. ⁠

    Provides a deep stretch, calms the mind and energises the body. The practice positively affects the parasympathetic nervous system which assists the body and mind to relax. Postures are held, generally performed on the floor, for a longer period of time so that the connective tissue in the body can be gently stretched. ⁠

    This class is perfect for students who feel tight in their bodies, particularly if they have been undertaking a lot of cardio or strength-based training. This style will help improve flexibility and mobility

    Book a Yoga class today

    About the Author

    Demi fell in love with yoga when she travelled to India when she was 20 years old. She loved the feeling of bliss she experienced both during and after class, and how that feeling would stay with her throughout her day. It was also in India, that Demi learned how much she loved to write about her travels. She believes that stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us understand. They imprint a picture in our minds. This led her to her job as a Content Writer. She loves helping businesses tell stories. Especially when the stories involve educating readers on the endless benefits of yoga and Pilates- two of her most loved fitness regimes