• Kaya Newsletter – October 2016

    Member Newsletter – Oct 2016

    My perspective on viewing and living life…

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    Life can be unfair, as I’m sure everyone would agree. But life is unfair for everyone, which makes it fair. It’s a harmful trend among many of us to believe that we are defined by how we have been treated, rather than how we treat ourselves, and this can lead to the ‘victim’ mentality; where individuals learn to regard themselves as victims, even in circumstances where this is not relevant. A in reparation – unfortunately, by self-diagnosing as a ‘victim’, we are rerouted from our path of well being, instead leading us to seek rewards for our shortcomings.

    A person who has fallen victim to a crime or an adverse event is by no means what I’m talking about here; I’m talking about those of us who have it ingrained that their existence is only a reaction and the world is the action, when this is simply not the case. Every one us is the action, and how we act determines our environment… click here to read more

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