• Where Did Barre Classes Originate From?

    KĀYA members have been asking more and more about our Barre classes, and where the Barre fitness classes actually originated from. While it may seem like a relatively new approach to toning and sculpting muscles, Barre has actually been a favourite for men and women for over fifty years! In 1959, London saw the grand
  • The Magic behind a Pilates Reformer Class

    The Magic behind a Pilates Reformer Class Our KAYA Health Club members know how much we love Pilates, with the reformer bed giving us endless techniques to sculpt and tone our way through a full body workout. As it is such a specialised piece of exercise technology, we thought we’d share just why it’s so
  • Five Ways to know you’ve found a Fantastic Yoga Instructor

    There are a large number of components that go into creating a great yoga class, but one is more influential than any of the others. While they’re all important, if you take away the mat, the music, and the other people in the yoga studios- all you’ve got is you, your yoga instructor, and time
  • 3 Things That Beginners Should Look For In A Perfect Yoga Studio

    3 Things That Beginners Should Look For In A Perfect Yoga Studio Beginning a new chapter in your yoga journey can be confusing at times- how can you know that the yoga studio you’ve chosen is the best one for you? After all, it can seem like there’s a yoga class popping up on every
  • Kaya Newsletter – August / September 2016

    Member Newsletter – Aug/Sept 2016 A message from our Founder I was recently asked to talk at a Lululemon Athletica event and whilst I was flattered, I was also extremely nervous. Generally, I’m not afraid of ‘talking’, however I do become an introvert when placed in front of large audiences; especially when I’m asked to

  • How to get the most out of your Yoga Class!

    So you’re thinking about trying yoga? Great! But isn’t yoga just for hippies, or for celebrities and vegans? And what if you’re not flexible? Don’t you need to be able to put your foot behind your head? No, definitely not. There is no single reason to practise yoga, and this ancient practice has benefits for

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