• Perspiration is a good thing!

    Health and fitness classes are synonymous with being ‘hot and sweaty’, and while this may be one of the less glamorous sides of personal health and fitness, it is actually a very good thing! Perspiration has its own health benefits, so if you find yourself taking it easy during a fitness class, because you don’t
  • How to choose a Pilates reformer class, when you are a beginner?

    Well done on taking the first step to deciding you want to start a Pilates reformer classes. The health benefits that come from practicing Pilates are incomparable, so you are about to embark on an amazing journey of health and wellness.  When it comes to choosing a Pilates reformer class for beginners, it may be
  • Recover from Spring Racing with a Yoga Class

    It’s that time of year again, the weather is warming up, the boutiques are stocked with beautiful spring fashion, it can only mean one thing – Spring Racing Carnival is here! While yoga classes may be the last thing on your mind as you race around trying to find the right bag to match your
  • Has the brunch crowd moved from cafes, to Melbourne yoga studios?

    Weekend brunch in Melbourne is a long held tradition that is cherished by both city dwellers and suburbanites alike. With a sea of never ending cafés on offer around every corner, it is a social calendar staple to get together with your best pals over a latte. However, in recent times there seems to be
  • Yoga Studios around the world

    Living in Prahran, yoga is a way of life and as such you may be familiar with your local yoga studio, but when we take step back and look at yoga around the world, there are a lot of different versions of the humble yoga studio. Ashrams - India Traditionally a spiritual place of worship
  • What should I wear for Yoga Class?

    It’s an exciting time when you are trying something new, and yoga classes in Melbourne are no exception.  If you are new to the world of yoga though, you might be wondering: What do I wear to a yoga class? Shorts, leggings? Will I need a jumper? What top should I wear? In short, the
  • Our favourite post-workout supplement – Magnesium

    If you pick up any health or wellness magazine lately, you will be sure to find an article about supplements, but through all of the advertising it’s hard to know: what actually works? The team at Kaya Health Clubs are passionate about health and wellbeing, and that includes finding ways to support our bodies during
  • 4 great places to practise yoga in Melbourne

    Yoga in Melbourne, is ever increasing in popularity, and the variety of Yoga classes in Melbourne has never been greater. Whether you want to make use of the warmer weather to get outdoors and enjoy some time alone, or you would rather seek shelter and solace within indoor yoga studios, Melbourne has something for everyone.
  • Finding tranquillity in your busy Melbourne lifestyle

    Melbourne is known the world over as a hive of activity, offering so many things to see and do every single day. Whether you are working, studying or caring for a family, the temptation to pack as much in during a day can be great, but it is important to find a balance. It could
  • How to easily fit Yoga and Pilates into your busy schedule

    With all the best intentions in the world, it is easy to become overwhelmed by a hectic schedule, and sadly, this often means that your health and wellbeing becomes neglected. While yoga and Pilates are known for their improvement to your physical health, they are also beneficial to support your mental health.  These classes can

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