Anthea's Reformer Pilates journey began 10 years ago when she paralysed her left shoulder and gave up a professional career in Waterpolo. Having been a young athlete her entire childhood and a tomboy at heart, Anthea naturally took to the principles, discipline and anatomical focus of classical repertoire pilates. Since, Anthea has been working in the fitness industry for 9 years - a jack of all trades, she is a certified Personal Trainer, Yoga teacher, Reformer and Matwork certified Pilates Instructor and has her Certificate 2 in Run coaching with Athletics Australia. In a class with Anthea, you can expect a no fuss, down to earth, strong pilates practice. Anthea aim's to bring out the true potential of every client's body with a focus on education, upskilling and growing your pilates practice, developmental and layered sequencing without a compromise on alignment and pilates principles. A full body session with Anthea's guidance and anatomical support throughout every shape and transition.