Caitlin Quinn

Caitlin - Kaya Health Club


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As a professional performer with a strong background in dance, Barre and Pilates was a natural progression for Caitlin. After moving to Melbourne and joining KAYA in 2017 for her own fitness goals, she realised that her love of Pilates and Barre could easily translate to a passion for teaching.
Having gained her dance teaching certificates from The Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing after high school, Caitlin went on to study a Bachelor of Music Theatre at the QLD Conservatorium of Music. Being immersed in the performance industry and having to rehabilitate her own severe knee injury forced her to recognise the need to build muscle strength throughout the entire body, not just the big muscle groups that are so often focused on.
Caitlin’s aim is to build strength, alignment and body awareness through her classes and you can be sure she will motivate you, challenge you, support you and best of all, make you sweat.


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