Health Fitness Private Trainer Esther Wang



  • personal trainer

Esther has had a passion for strength and resistance training for years and believes that the key to creating a healthy lifestyle is the incorporation of fuelling your body with nutritious food and moving your body in a way that you enjoy. She is committed to make all her clients feel strong, both mentally and physically and strives to make them feel empowered to be able to achieve anything in life.

Having recently just competed in her first powerlifting competition, Esther believes everyone should learn how to move your body with correct form and technique as it sets the fundamentals of all body movements. Her methodology is all about form and technique over fatigue and fitness, allowing her clients to progress in the safest and most effective way possible.

Esther specialises in strength and resistance training, postural correction, and in turn creating long-lasting lifestyle habits.


Esther is currently offering all members 2 x 45 min sessions PT Discovery Sessions for the price of $99!

PT Discovery sessions are a perfect option for you if you are either wanting to kick-start your fitness journey or just generally need some guidance on using the equipments with correct form and technique. This offer will give you all the confidence you need in the weights area!

During the Discovery Sessions, we will go over any injuries you may have, goal setting, your exercise history, and a customised program will be written for you.

Feel free to contact Esther directly at if you have any questions.