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At 13 years of age Felicity received a phone call advising her she had been awarded a full scholarship to Vancouver, Canada to join an elite full time training program with one of the most internationally renowned ballet institutions, The Goh Ballet Academy. Having grown up in country Victoria she had no idea what she was in for…. but 2 years later Felicity had undertook rigorous training with names such as Choo Chiat, Xiao Ping, Chan Hon Goh & Phillip Broomhead, experienced Europe with the Palucca Hoschule für Tanz, performed on stages such as Sächsische Staatsoper, and also received an invitation to dance in Carcassonne, France.
In 2015, she returned home to her family in Australia and resumed her ballet training with the highly regarded Beverly Jane Fry.
Due to health reasons Felicity stopped her ballet training after 10 years. It was her sister Briellen that dragged her to her first barre class with Jodie Sheehy in 2018. After that first class Felicity couldn’t stop going back. She has Jodie Sheehy (KAYA Health Clubs) to thank for her continuous faith and inspiration to find a new passion and channel her expertise in a new path. Felicity is excited to deliver fun CHALLENGING classes with an emphasis on pure classical technique throughout all exercises.


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