Gaynor Carter
Teacher Training and Development | Pilates & Barre Instructor 

Gaynor has been involved in fitness all her life. Trained as a classical dancer, she then moved into owning a dancing school for over 13 years. Gaynor not only loved her teaching, but seeing her students progress and move into professional dancing careers. ‘This was immensely satisfying’.

Once Gaynor and her husband commenced family life she moved into more of a management/leadership and operational role within the school. The next stage of Gaynor’s career was finding a real love and passion for Pilates. She taught Pilates in studios, health clubs and also her own school. In 2012 Gaynor and her family moved from England to Australia and in November 2012 she joined the Kaya family. She is passionate about how Pilates can change the way people feel in their bodies.