• Yoga

Giulia discovered yoga during her stay in Berlin in 2016 - her then-flatmate was a yoga teacher! Together they would enjoy a slow and chillax blend of movements while trying to navigate the changes happening in their lives. When she came back to her home-country, Italy, Giulia signed up for weely classes at the local studio. They taught a very traditional style, which felt so right, so spiritual, so complicated. Just what Giulia imagined what “true yoga” should be like. After a few months, though, Giulia left for Australia (yeah, she’s lived in a lot of different places), where she found that the majority of studios offered a contemporary, fitness-oriented style. She would jump from one studio to the other, in search of “true yoga”. Thankfully, in the end Giulia stopped judging and started practicing. If you let it, the yoga magic takes over, regardless of what style you’re practicing. That was the first “true yoga” lesson that Giulia learnt: stop judging everything and everyone. When she enrolled in her first teacher training, the first of many, Giulia knew that there would always be more to learn for her. Let’s do it together. Giulia’s classes are truthful and compassionate, coming from a place of honesty and kindness. Come and see for yourself.