Glenn Turnham


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Glenn first discovered Yoga by absolute chance in 2012 and just like in most romantic stories of all time – it was love at first sight.
Glenn became a teacher out of the sheer love and passion he has for this practice and its philosophical teachings – he has a burning desire to share it with others from a powerful, transformational perspective and believes Yoga is for everyone.
Glenn’s classes are crafted in a way that philosophy is woven through with each mindful breath and movement, so that you walk away feeling inspired, nurtured and elevated on a higher level.
Each day we show up on our mat to bend, to stretch, to relax, to be elevated, to be present, to be without ego, to recognise that which is true. Each pose, track, quote, cue, breath and movement play such a divine part in the entire symphony of the practice. Glenn draws inspiration from yogic texts and legends, lessons from his teachers, music, nature, poets and philosophers.
He teaches from the heart, with all his soul and believes that this practice can have a profound impact on the lives of anyone that is open to receiving and listening.


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