Jodie Sheehy

Jodie S - Kaya Health Club


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Jodie comes from a commercial dance background and has taught dance for over 15 years, working with commercial and musical theatre students. Jodie then embarked on a different journey, completing a degree in Exercise Physiology and became a Certified Pilates instructor.
She believes an important factor in adhering to an exercise program is keeping things fresh and fun.
Her training and management role is to assist current and future Kaya instructors to deliver classes based on the Elixr principles, as well as current Sports Science research in exercise.
Jodie takes into account current and latest research, and believes staying up to date is important so members get the benefits from the most current research.  Jodie knows a lot goes in to making a great instructor and having worked all over Melbourne for many years, she is passionate and capable about helping instructor create a great class every time.


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