• Yoga

Kati Moved to Australia from Scotland in 2012 and shortly after discovered her passion for yoga. She completed her teacher training in Bali (her favourite place on Earth) and then went on to teach on the beautiful island of Gili Air. She is now back in Melbourne and excited to share her practice with the KAYA community. Kati has a passion for Aerial Arts and Dance. She spent 4 years training in Aerial Acrobatics has been a Pole Dance instructor since 2008. She loves to feel strong but weightless and embodies this in all her disciplines. She brings these skills onto the mat to combine fluid, graceful movements and strong creative sequencing with a focus on presence and breath. Kati has a gentle and nurturing nature, but she’s not afraid to offer some challenging, strength focused vinyasa sequences. She is often complimented for her soothing Scottish accent, which offers a deeply relaxing experience. Kati’s mission is to guide you back home to yourself, finding the balance between yin & yang.