Melissa Perenc


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Melissa’s introduction into Yoga first began as purely physical, practising to complement her interest in fitness and personal training. Having embarked on her own journey of self study through yoga and meditation she is able to offer a blend of modalities for personal growth and transformation in a fun, empowering and supportive safe space.
After 10 years of sitting behind a computer desk and working long hours in the corporate world she took a leap of faith to set out on the yoga and wellness journey and has now cultivated a perfect work life balance sharing her offerings in yoga and taking care of the corporates in the wellness space.
Melissa’s classes combine the use of your physical body and breath as a tool to overcome the minds distractions. Incorporating purposeful sequencing and fluid transitions to find space in the body and stillness in the mind. She designs her classes to expand your heart and take your mind and body on a journey that will emPOWER you physically and mentally. With Melissa’s classes you can expect a dynamic, explorative and sometimes a challenging practice. Melissa’s classes are always created with purpose and awareness, leaving students feeling centred and connected, and with more space in both mind and body.


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