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Nim first discovered the magic of Yoga in India back in 2005, getting upside down atop the mountains and finding acceptance that he was exactly where he was meant to be at that point in his life. Over time this fascination turned into a hobby and now his passion. Not without countless hours of practice and dedication to yoga has his knowledge grown and in 2015, he went and studied power vinyasa flow with Bryce Yoga in Thailand. The teachings have made him a great teacher basically because he is an amazing student and is always wanting to learn more. He has a passion for the practice, self-discovery and self-care and a willingness to share this with others. He loves challenging himself and his students and loves being upside down. He approaches life with a smile and that is infectious.
Coming to one of Nim’s classes will feel like a mixture between a work out and a mindful meditation. His classes are dynamic with lots of opportunities to get upside down. Come, you may even learn how to fly.


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