Nina Stabey – Naturopath | Nutritionist

Nina Stabey-  Naturopath | Nutritionist


p: 0405 300 665

Nina has a zest for all things related to health, food, fitness and listening to our bodies. Through her experience of Inflammatory Bowel Disease she looked down the barrel of drug treatments and extreme surgical procedures to get things “under control”. After trying these methods, she was more depleted, depressed, anxious and in chronic physical pain.

At a poignant crossroad in her life- she decided to make some lifestyle choices and change what she was eating. Out came a few foods and in came a few healing and therapeutic ingredients and voila….over time her symptoms started to resolve.

This experience totally reorientated Nina and her studies/ career aspirations. She changed tracks and completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy & Nutrition.

Twenty four years on & in full remission,  Nina has never looked back.  Appreciative of this experience, Nina is one of “those” people that loves what she does and walks her talk.  She is committed to supporting clients every step of the way. She delivers individualised realistic guidance and a host of cooking classes to make the way back to health practicable & tasty!

Her areas of speciality include Gut health, Food Intolerances, Adrenal exhaustion, Hormonal irregularities, Food-Mood cycles, Weight management, Anxiety/ Depression, Headaches & Insomnia and Stretch Therapy.