Rachel Druce


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Rachel fell in love with Pilates in 2005 when she was living in New Zealand. She felt the benefits for herself and immediately wanted to know more.
She trained first in New Zealand through the Pilates Method Alliance and when she moved to Australia in 2007, she began working with some of the best physiotherapists and osteopaths in Melbourne. She then assisted setting up a studio in Dubai. Rachel has not only spent a lot of time helping people recover from injuries, but she also works to maintain the fitness of elite-level athletes.
“I want you to learn how to use your body efficiently, the way it was designed to be used. Many things are possible. The body is such an incredible machine and I want to teach you how to be proactive in doing regular exercise or rehabilitating day-to-day aches or injuries. I teach a fun and challenging class, but I also believe in working your body quite hard. I like to see you improve, whether for strength or stability, through practice.”


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