Sarah Bunnell

Sarah B - Kaya Health Club


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Sarah found yoga when she was an International flight attendant. It brought her a sense of groundedness amongst the chaos of long haul flights and a non-existent body clock. Her personal transformation through a regular yoga practice sparked curiosity in those around her, which led to her first Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai in 2009. After a break from teaching for a few years Sarah decided to take a month YTT200 intensive in Bali to refresh and gain a deeper understanding of the principals she had learnt. Since then she has travelled to teach and continue her learnings in Bali, India, Singapore and Philippines.
Sarah brings a lot of passion to her classes and immense love to her students. She focuses on a slow mindful practice that encourages self-awareness to unfold, with a focus on listening to what the body needs in each and every moment. Sarah’s goal as a teacher is to create an environment that fosters emotional and physical support for her students to experience the magic of yoga. The magic of personal transformation through gratitude and self-awareness. The empowerment of a strong, healthy open body.


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