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Tace studied and completed her Pilates training through the Elixir School of Pilates and did all of her practical training with Kaya. Tace was introduced to Reformer Pilates about 7 years ago after an ACL knee reconstruction- thanks to her long term obsession with playing social netball. “Pilates was her savior”! She discovered Pilates post her first surgery and never looked back. Tace was super excited about how Pilates re-educated her mind about movement and increased her body’s performance and strength not only on the court but in day to day functional activity. She felt like her strength and stability improved 100% and soon after she returned back to the court, and still enjoys playing 3-4 times a week now. Pilates changed her life so much so that she wanted to become an Instructor teacher and share her amazing experiences and what Pilates did for her with others.
Tace has experienced a colourful career and in addition to being a lover of Pilates, she has loads of experience interacting with and motivating positive people as she started and ran her own Fashion Boutique for 10 years. Her fashion boutique was extremely fast paced so Tace found great joy in attending regular Pilates sessions for a break away and a place where could work hard, keep super strong and fit as well as embrace balance in her mind. Tace’s online boutique is still active today and in transition with plans later this year to change its direction to start selling “active-wear” in line with her love for Pilates and fashion.
Tace enjoys instructing high energy, challenging, fitness based Pilates with a heavy focus on core stability. She loves that reformer Pilates is the one stop shop for a full body strengthening and stretching workout and is the perfect complement to cardio training, provides an amazing avenue for effective rehabilitation and is a truly fun way to workout and condition your body for people of all ages and levels of fitness.
“Pilates makes you feel and look amazing, in mind and body, and I want to share that love with others. It is the perfect addition to anyone’s busy schedule when striving for a healthy and fit lifestyle.”


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