• Why Every Kaya Beginner Should Try Boxing Classes

    If you’re first joining a health and fitness club, what do you do? Do you stick to the weights and cardio zones, or do you go for the group fitness? Would you rather stay with what you know, or try something new?

    Women Taking A Boxing Class At Kaya Health Clubs

    Each of our members has their own workout preference, and newcomers to Kaya might be in the early stages of building their gym session routines, but nearly everyone can find something to love in our relaunched boxing classes. Read on to find out which one could be perfect for you.

    Do you love the weights and cardio zones, but want to try something fresh?

    If the group fitness classes aren’t usually your thing but you’re looking for a new way to add variety to your workout, then the new Fitness Circuit could the ideal complement. You’ll take on twelve exercises over 45 minutes, with rest intervals where you can catch your breath before the next station. This high-intensity interval training combines the benefits of strength and cardio training, and it’s up to you to push yourself into a powerful full-body workout! Each class closes with boxing training methods, the perfect boxing workouts for beginners who want to try something new.

    Do you love group fitness, and want to learn a new skill?

    Many of our members love our group fitness classes, where you can learn functional movements from disciplines such as Barre, Yoga, and Pilates – but have you tried our Boxing classes? Develop strength and agility as you learn real boxing skills from our qualified instructors. Whether it’s boxing for beginners or you’re more advanced, our instructors have the knowledge and passion to guide you further and train you harder. This class focuses on proper boxing technique and form, so it’s the perfect group fitness for someone who’s ready for a new challenge.

    beginner boxing classes

    Watch our timetable for classes times, or talk to the friendly team at reception about our Fitness Circuit and boxing classes melbourne– or grab a drink bottle and a towel and come try it out for yourself!