COVID-19 Response & Updates

1.00pm AEST Sunday 24 May, 2020


In the hours since the below communication went out to all our members at 8.00 am this morning, an announcement has been made by our governing body the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Victoria | Sport and Exercise. Click here to read the announcement.


Due to the information and guidelines set forth in this announcement, our proposed tentative re-opening date of 22nd June has sadly been postponed, as it wouldn’t be practical and fair on you (our members) opening with a maximum capacity of 20 people (per enclosed space at any one time).


At this stage, or until we received further information, the re-open date for Kaya now remains ‘unknown’. Rather than speculating any further on a proposed re-open date (we’re now aiming for sometime in July- still to be confirmed), we will continue working tirelessly in preparation to ensure our clubs are an even safer haven for you when you return. Rest assured, as soon as we have a confirmed date, you’ll be the first to know.


Until then, we want to reassure our members, team and guests that ‘your safety is (and has always been) our main priority’.



– Christian and Koula Ruggeri

8.00am AEST Sunday 24 May, 2020


We are thrilled to announce there is finally light at the end of the tunnel and we have a tentative re-opening date of Monday 22nd of June. Here’s a link to the Federal government’s 3 step easing of restrictions framework click here. This is a guide only, and the Victorian government will decide how much of the framework it will adopt, depending on local conditions. Victoria’s first step in the easing of restrictions was announced on Monday 11th May 2020, with further changes to be announced in late May. Then, if they feel it’s safe to ease further restrictions they’ll move towards the next step.

We (KĀYA) fall under step 2, which could see us opening in late MAY, depending on the Victorian State government. However, we have made a decision that we cannot open with a MAX of 20 people in the club at any one time. Being able to only have 20 people (which includes member/staff/contractors – instructors) wouldn’t be fair for our members.

We have decided that we will open as part of Step 3, which allows for up to 100 people in the club at any given time (date to still be confirmed). Since this framework was established, Dan Andrews has recently confirmed that on 22nd June 2020 the hospitality industry (restaurants) will be opening with a MAX capacity of 50 patrons.

This has NOT been extended to studios/gyms, however, we’re hoping it will also apply to us. If that’s the case we will re-open on 22nd June 2020 with restriction of 50 patrons. As mentioned, NONE of this is confirmed but we’re now working towards a 22nd June re-open as we have so much to do in preparing for a safe re-opening.

The post-COVID landscape is admittedly uncharted territory for us and the industry. However, as leaders in the industry, we are planning to go above and beyond in the implementation of measures, steps and procedures (built upon our already stringent high standards) as the safety of our members, team and instructors remains our biggest priority.
Our #KĀYAtaskforce has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure we are an even safer haven for you when we re-open.

Please keep in mind that during the initial weeks post-opening, things will inherently be different. One of these changes is a structured timetable and pre-class bookings in order to adhere to the government’s maximum capacity regulations. These are TEMPORARY measures being rolled out to keep everyone safe and above all to provide comfort when you come and train with us. All we ask is that you ‘stick with us’ and be patient during this time as processes will continue to evolve and/or be refined.

See below just some of the measures we will be adopting in our clubs upon re-opening. We will connect with you again with further information including class bookings once we have a confirmed re-open date. On the day we re-open your membership will automatically re-activate if it was paused by KĀYA. If you wish to place your membership on freeze for an additional period of time, simply follow this link and select COVID-19 as the reason.*

Monday 23rd March, 2020


Due to the government mandated shut-down of non-essential services, Kaya Health Clubs will be temporarily closed from 12.00pm Monday 23rd March, 2020.


During this time, all memberships and fees associated will be automatically paused and the membership payment on the recent debit (19/03/20) will go towards your membership upon re-opening.


No further action is required on your part and NO membership fees will be charged during this time.


Members will be contacted via e-mail and / or we will communicate via our website & social channels @kayahealthclubs when the shut down is lifted and operations resume.


We will also be posting Kaya at Home online workouts on our website here and streaming live on our social channels, so stay tuned.


Whilst this is a challenging time for us all, there is comfort knowing we are all in this together. This is something we all need to do for the greater good as a country and to protect each other and our loved ones. We will get through this and we will come out the other side stronger then before.


We thank you so much for your support and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)


How will I find out when Kaya will re-opening?
When there is a directive from the Government that we can re-open our clubs, we will communicate with members via email and/or our social media platforms. Information will also be available on our website.


How is Kaya supporting members during this closure?
Whilst we won’t be seeing you at the club, we will keep you motivated and energised whilst staying at home. Connect with us via our website for FREE online Kaya @ Home workouts. Or follow us on Instagram.


Will I still be charged for my membership?
Our members are at the core of our clubs so with that in mind, all memberships have been either placed on membership ‘time freeze’ or paused (we will not debit your membership during this mandated closure) until we are able to welcome you back into our clubs.


Will this affect the duration of my contract?
Yes. When your membership is placed on Time Freeze or paused, it is not counted towards your membership payments. This means your membership agreement will resume once we are able to re-open our clubs. For example, if you have six months remaining on a 12 month minimum term (you have already fulfilled 13 debits) and your membership is placed on Time Freeze or paused for two months, you will have another six months (13 debits remaining) once billing resumes.


I have paid up-front for my membership how does this impact me?
If you have paid in full, your membership has been suspended until we are able to re-open our clubs. Your membership agreement will be extended once we have re-opened. At that time, you will hear from us via email with more information.


What if I wish to cancel my membership?
During this mandated closure your membership has been placed on membership freeze or paused, with no further payments until we are able to welcome you back to our clubs. If at that time you wish to cancel your membership, please speak with your club directly.


Any other questions?
Simply email your full name, email address, home club, membership tag number and query. Please note response will be delayed during this closure.

**Freeze fee will be waived for COVID-19 freezes up to a maximum of 8 weeks. All other membership freeze policies apply.