Internal Journey Fundraiser

Internal Journey – Fundraisery-invite-1

Reiki, Meditation, Yin, Yoga Nidra

with Wendy Praud, Jen Kyna & Ashleigh Dickinson


Treat yourself to an afternoon of profound inner healing, connection, grounding & surrender whilst raising money for a great cause.

Wendy, Jen & Ash will be guiding you through your yin yoga practice by encouraging you to enter and savour delicious Yin poses in a candlelit room. Props will be used to support your body as you surrender throughout your practice. World music will encourage you to fold deeper into the pose to connect with your inner being. Connecting with the vibration of the sounds allowing for deep healing to occur.

During this practice, the teachers will guide you, allowing space for yourself to feel and completely surface any feelings & emotions that m
ay arise. While stretching these energetic pathways, perhaps you will notice physical sensations that may accompany with a specific emotion. With each exhalation, you will be guided to release these emotions, offering compassion to the situation or person which may be causing you tension. To assist with the healing release of emotions, the teacher’s and additional reiki healers will be offering hands on reiki healing throughout.

The teachers will ensure you’re comfortable and safe while offering adjustments and modifications throughout this time to enhance your practice by going deeper into your poses. You are encouraged to bring a pad and pen to take notes of thoughts, intention’s and messages that you may receive during this healing practice. Wendy will offer Yoga Nidra in English on the left side of the body and French on the right side of the body.

Join us for a beautiful 2 hours of relaxation, connection and self love.

Yin: Passive Yoga poses when you have enough time and breaths to gently open body & soul, stretches fascia

Reiki: Channel of universal energy that has the ability to heal body, mind, heart & soul

Nidra: Yogic sleep, guided relaxation

Meditation: Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath or movement, to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual gr

When: Saturday 5th November

Where: KAYA Health club, Prahran

Time: 12:30-2:30pm

Investment:  $50 – 100% tickets sales will be donated to Kindling Foundation

To book: click here 

Kindling Foundation is a Melbourne based charity run by Jen Kyna. The foundation raises funds to implement sustainable projects, job’s and schooling for local communities in South Africa.

For more info regarding Kindling Foundation, please contact Jen: