New Exercises – Series 2 Arms

Arms and Shoulders

Kaya Pilates Instructor Team – Training & Development

From Jodie Sheehy | Training & Development Manager

Hi all,

We’ve put together some more exercises that you could teach individually or use each exercise to layer in your classes.

Please note you do not HAVE to teach these exercises, they are simply suggestions to add to the Elixr repertoire.

The first video is a triceps focus with the added benefit that it works the core too. You could start with the version I’m doing and increase the challenge with what Matt is doing. For added load, place hands on the platform (Michelle’s version). Also, let members know they can do half pushups if the full version is not for them.

Common cue checks: not letting ribs flare, making sure hands aren’t too wide, chest being over the foot bar, not collapsing in lumbar.

The second video is shoulder flexion exercises. Unilateral arms are always a good challenge and can be done (obviously) on or off the box. Michelle’s version could be done on the box, or without kneeling up and Matts version on heavier springs.
Remember to give a few spring options and remind members they can increase or decrease the spring at anytime. If doing Michelle’s or Matts version, please make sure the foot bar is down.

Common Cue checks: not letting ribs flare, shoulder placement (not elevated)

The third video shows a few more exercises that can be done with the circle. Obviously the box is not needed so you could start kneeling, then move to Michelles exercise, and finish with Matts.

Common cue checks: No elevated shoulders, knee and hip placement in lunge

The forth arm video is basically supine arms, on your side, unilateral arms. If you haven’t done these before, they are great! Try before you teach and see how it feels on ½, 1 and 1.5 spring. Remember to give options throughout. Some of these are harder than others.

Common cue checks: Space between ribs and carriage, arm slightly forward of shoulder (when doing abduction)

As always, I’m happy to hear your thoughts, questions or concerns.