We’re Back (again). Here’s everything you need to know…

 Have you heard the great news? We can finally re-open our doors this Friday 18th June.

Koula and I would like to say THANK YOU for your ongoing loyalty, support and for sticking by us (again) during this latest lockdown.

One thing we’ve all learned during this period is that certain things cannot be controlled. One thing we can all control is a safe return back to KAYA this Friday.  We cannot wait to see you!

As you may have already heard, this re-opening comes with strict capacity restrictions of MAX 10 per class / 50 in the club at any time (similar to Nov 20 restrictions).  We’re hopeful that these limited numbers will ease over the next few weeks.

One thing we’d like to share with you is that we are only opening this Friday because of YOU and our team. It is not financially viable for us to open with such capped patronage especially when we need to add an additional 20-30% more classes just to cater for the limited spots in each class.

However, we know how much YOU need us, which is why, despite the restrictions, we are re-opening our doors for YOU.

PLEASE, all we ask is that you keep this in mind if you find yourself getting frustrated over the next few weeks when booking classes. We’re doing our best by adding as many MORE classes to accommodate. Let’s remember to stay positive, be patient, courteous (refrain from panic booking), and above all be KIND to your fellow members when booking classes.

– Christian & Koula Ruggeri (Founders)

KAYA COVID Safe Protocols


Your Membership Explained

On Friday 18 June 2021 (the day we re-open), your membership will automatically re-activate if it was paused by KAYA.
If we debited your membership on Thursday 27th May 2021, you will be in credit as we mandated to close from 11.59pm Thursday 27 May 2021 and you pay your membership in advance.
The credit (from debit on 27th May 21) will go towards – 11.59pm Thursday 17th to Wednesday 30th June 2021 (2 weeks)
On Thursday 24th June 21 (standard debit date) Kaya will only debit 1 week (in advance) for period Thursday 01st to Wednesday 07th July 2021
From Thursday 08th July 2021 (and each fortnight thereafter) FULL fortnightly debits will resume as per your membership agreement terms and conditions.

Membership Time Freeze

NO membership time freeze request periods have been extended
. The period / length of time originally selected does not extend as the lockdown period counts towards the freeze period.
Scenario 1: On Monday 10th May 2021 member selected ‘4 weeks’ membership freeze. Regardless of the mandated lockdown this membership time freeze ended on Wednesday 09th June 2021 (4 weeks from 10th May) . On Friday 18th June 2021 this membership will be active and full fortnightly debits will resume on the next scheduled debit date.
Scenario 2: On Monday 24th May 2021 member selected ‘12 weeks’ membership freeze. 12 week period commences from 24th May and during the lockdown period that time is also counted.  This membership time freeze ends on Sunday 15th August 2021.

Any member who may not be ready to return and prefers to freeze their membership beyond the 18th of June please click here.

Class Bookings

All members are required to pre-book for any class OR cardio/weights sessions.

Booking will be live THURSDAY 17th June. During this time, we will be opening 2 x days in advance for bookings. Please be patient and consider other members when booking classes.

One class OR ONE weights/cardio session per member, per day.


Entering & Exiting the Clubs

In order to minimise congestion, we have implemented separate entry and exit points. This will assist with member flow and will allow us to prepare for the next intake of members coming in.


You will enter via Chapel St (all times).

You will exit via the rear of our club. You will exit to the rear of our club up a flight of stairs and exit onto Cato St (all times).



Enter the centre via Caledonian Ln glass doors (next to Fortress Melbourne) and then use centre lifts to make your way up to KAYA.

Exiting before 10am, use the Express lift (crn Caledonian Ln & Lt Bourke St) All other times – exit via either KAYA entry/exit point.

Additonal Information

Make your way to the studio or zone upon arrival. If the studio is not finished being sanitised, please wait outside the studio until you are asked to come in.
Please do not use the cardio/weights zones while waiting for your class or after your class.
Espresso Bar remains closed at Prahran
NO TOUCH policy applies. Teachers will not be providing ‘hands-on’ corrections during this time. More verbal and visual cues will be offered.

Temporary Club Re-Opening Hours

Mon to Thurs: 5.15am – 8.00pm
Fri: 5.15am – 7.30pm
Sat: 7:45am – 4:00pm
Sun: 8:30am -4:00pm


Mon to Fris: 6:30am – 7:30pm
Sat: 9:00am – 1.00pm
Sun: 9:00am – 1.00pm

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