Training and Development – Abs


Kaya Pilates Instructor Team – Training & Development

From Jodie Sheehy | Training & Development Manager

Hi guys,

This week is more abdominal focused.

The first video is great to add anywhere in class.
It’s important members learn to roll through their spine, but obviously if you have members with disc injuries they will stick to Matts version.

These exercises are really good if you have members with neck issues as they can the series without placing tension in their necks (hopefully)

Remember to always layer and let members know they don’t have do the most challenging one. They can regress at anytime.

Common cue check: not extending through lumbar, no elevated shoulders. If gripping in hip flexors give the option to leave feet down.

This ab series can be done with the circle too, adding shoulder stability to the exercises.

The second video is self-explanatory I think. All three are great ab exercises. Can be done with supine legs, single leg extension or double leg extension. We were on 1 spring they’re great on 1.5-2 springs too.

As always, I’m happy to hear your thoughts, questions or concerns.