• The Benefits of Improving Your Flexibility

    The Benefits of Improving Your Flexibility

    If you’re thinking to having a go at beginner Pilates, one of the biggest improvements you’re likely to see is with your flexibility. And despite what you might think, you don’t need to be at all flexible before starting your Pilates practice! So, what does flexibility mean for your overall health and wellbeing? Well, there are a actually a number of surprising benefits to improving your flexibility – let’s take a look!



    The Benefits of Improving Your Flexibility

    Less prone to injury

    A lot of injuries are caused by muscular imbalance and flexibility plays a major role in correcting this imbalance. While you need to focus on strengthening rarely used muscles, larger muscle groups need to be stretched out so they don’t become too tight. If your muscles, tendons and ligaments are nice and loose, you’re less likely to extend beyond your body’s range of motion and cause injury.

    Better posture

    It’s amazing the difference that improved posture can make but a lot of people have tight postural muscles which makes it difficult to align the body correctly. Improving flexibility helps reduce tension in the body which makes it easier for the body to align itself when you’re sitting or standing.

    Improved range of motion

    Better flexibility means that you can improve your range of motion in your muscles, tendons and ligaments. Increasing your range of motion makes functional movements in everyday life, such as reaching items on high shelves and picking things up off the floor, a lot easier. You’ll also find your body moving more easily when you exercise thanks to your improved range of motion.

    Increased circulation

    This might not be a benefit that many people consider, but improving flexibility increases blood flow to the muscles for better circulation. This means that your body is able to transport oxygen and nutrients to your organs and muscles more effectively.

    Fewer aches and pains

    For a lot of people, aches and pains are a normal part of life but working on your flexibility can really help. This is because in a lot of cases, tight muscles are the cause of pain and improving flexibility can help release tension and loosen the muscles.

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