Health & Fitness Classes in Melbourne

At Kaya Health Clubs, we offer a wide range of specialised health and fitness classes to keep you interested & motivated throughout your health and wellness journey with us. Whether you prefer our mind and body classes like Yoga, Pilates and Barre or you need something a bit higher intensity to get you going for the day, you’ll to find your perfect fit at Kaya.


We offer over 250 Pilates, Yoga and group fitness classes across our two locations at Emporium (Melbourne CBD) and Prahran each week. Find out a bit more about each of our classes below:

Yoga Classes


Kaya holds a range of authentic yoga classes in our Melbourne and Prahran locations to strengthen
Visit page Read More your mind and your body. A variety of authentic yoga disciplines are available including Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Meditation and Nidra, all held in our state of the art studios. Our yoga classes also include guided meditations to enhance your mind-body connection.
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Pilates Mobile


At Kaya, we provide authentic Mat & Reformer Pilates classes which cater for those just starting out all
Visit page Read More the way up to advanced. Our passionate teachers are accredited by the Elixr School of Pilates and adhere to authentic Pilates methodology to deliver the best results possible. When you come along to our modern studios in Prahran or Emporium, you’ll have access to our state of the art Pilates reformer beds & other equipment including resistance bands, magic circles and blocks.
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Lauren Clifford - Kaya Health Club


Our Barre classes use genuine Barre methodology which is a combination of traditional ballet, Pilates and
Visit page Read More functional movement to deliver a unique full body workout. Our experienced teachers keep up to date with the latest advances in sports science and will help you to develop a strong, lean physique. We are one of Melbourne’s leading providers of Barre fitness classes and have been partnered with The Australian Ballet since 2013, offering support to the minds and bodies of their dancers.
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Spin Cropped Mobile


If you’re ready for a fun, fast-paced, high intensity fitness class, come along to a spinning class at Kaya to boost
Visit page Read More your cardio fitness and build muscle tone. Our spinning classes cater for everyone and each workout is unique as our dynamic instructors change up the terrain and pace. Let our cycling enthusiast instructors take you on an outdoor journey where you tackle ever-changing scenery, all from the comfort of our state of the art studios while the energetic music motivates you throughout the class.
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Fitness Mobile (1)

Fitness Circuit

Kaya offers our fitness circuit classes as a way to continually challenge and motivate you each and every time.
Visit page Read More You’ll move through 12 different stations which range from bodyweight exercises, such as burpees and box jumps, to resistance based exercises, such as kettlebell swings and battle ropes. To really get the heart pumping, each class includes a middle section such as intense cardio. Classes can have a focus the upper body, lower body, core, or a full body workout to challenge different muscles. There are also pure cardio classes where you can expect high intensity bodyweight exercises to burn those calories.
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