• Top 5 FAQs For Yoga Beginners

    If you’ve never experienced yoga before, now might be the perfect time for you to give it a try. This ancient discipline provides multiple physical and mental benefits and creates the perfect mind-body connection. But what do you need to know before you get started? Today, we’ll be answering some of the most frequently asked questions that we get from our yoga beginners so you know what to expect when you begin your authentic KĀYA yoga experience.

    Young Woman Practising Yoga On The Beach.

    1.What is yoga?

    The practice of yoga dates back over 3,000 years and is all about balancing the body and mind through the use of breath, movement and meditation. There are a numerous yoga styles which offer different benefits but all have a focus on the mind-body connection. Your teacher will guide you through your yoga journey and assist you in becoming more familiarised with your practice.

    2.What are the benefits of yoga?

    Just some of the amazing benefits of yoga include:
    • Improved flexibility and range of movement
    • Improved strength and muscle tone
    • Better balance and posture
    • Protects the spine and improves bone density
    • Reduction in stress and anxiety
    • Boosts focus and concentration
    • Improves blood flow and reduced blood pressure

    3. What should I wear?

    Comfort should be the aim when you come along to your yoga class. Wear clothing which won’t restrict your movements so you can move freely throughout the class. Don’t worry about going out and buying a new outfit (unless you really want to!) – light, looser fitting clothes or comfortable exercise clothes will be perfect. Shoes not required! Also, remember to bring along a drink bottle to keep yourself hydrated.

    4. What if I’m not flexible?

    So many people think that you need to be super flexible to engage in yoga and it’s just not true! Although yoga will increase your flexibility and range of motion, you certainly don’t need to be flexible to begin with. Yoga is suitable for all levels of fitness and flexibility and your teacher will be more than happy to suggest modifications along the way.

    5. How often should I practice yoga?

    The great thing about yoga is that you can experience the benefits from participating in just one class per week. However, you’ll find that the more you become immersed in your yoga practice, the more classes you’ll want to attend. Look for a club that offers a wide range of yoga styles so you can experience everything that the various disciplines have to offer.

    If you’re looking for a beginner’s yoga class, look no further than KĀYA Health Clubs. We provide our members with a genuine yoga experience and offer a range of classes across our Prahran and Melbourne CBD locations. Our dedicated teachers provide you with ongoing support throughout your yoga experience and will adjust their classes to suit our beginner yoga classes. To help familiarise you with yoga theory and movements, we also offer complimentary introductory courses for our members.

    For yoga classes for beginners, contact KĀYA today on (03) 9090 1000 to begin your yoga journey.