Fitness Circuit Classes

Kaya’s  fitness circuit classes offer our members a unique way to challenge your entire body with HIIT (high intensity interval training) style training. During each class, you’ll move through 12 dynamic stations which range from bodyweight exercises to resistance based exercises to build strength and endurance. Be prepared to burn calories and increase your fitness in a motivating, supportive environment  – give it a try today!


A unique, dynamic workout


Fitness circuit caters for all levels, from those who are getting into exercise for the first time to more advanced participants. With over 20 circuit training classes on offer each week across our Prahran and Emporium locations, you’ll be able to find a time which fits with your busy lifestyle. Your instructor will make sure that all members of the class are shown the proper technique for the best results and each class runs for 50-60 minutes, including a warm up and cool down.


As you work through your 12 stations during each class, you’ll be undertaking bodyweight exercises, such as burpees and jump squats, and resistance based exercises, such as kettlebell swings and battle ropes. Between the 12 stations, you’ll also find a middle station which is designed to get your heart rate pumping and torch those calories – this station alternates between cardio equipment such as rowers, skipping or spinning bikes.


The benefits of a HIIT workout


  • Burn some serious calories – The intense nature of your HIIT workout and short recovery period means that you burn a massive amount of calories in each session.
  • Never get bored – There’s no danger of getting bored with HIIT as the routines are always changing for a fun and fast paced workout.
  • Boost the metabolism – Even after you walk out of your HIIT class, your metabolism remains high for some time afterwards for extra calorie burn.  
  • Lose fat, gain muscle – The exercises used with HIIT means that you lose fat due to the intense cardio intervals but gain muscle thanks to the inclusion of strength training.
  • Build endurance – HIIT can help boost your endurance levels which means you can undertake other forms of exercise with more ease.


A motivating, dynamic fitness class


The best thing about your fitness circuit class is that you never know what to expect and your instructor will mix things up to keep your body guessing – that’s how you get results! Classes can have a focus on the upper body, the lower body, the core or a full body workout. This approach targets each muscle group and works to improve strength and endurance.


Your circuit training will include plyometric and cardio based bodyweight exercises, and resistance exercises using weights. Classes can also have a focus solely on pure cardio where you can expect high intensity bodyweight exercises such as burpees, squat jumps and push ups.  The HIIT style adopted in the circuit training means that you’ll be working hard with short recovery periods. Your instructor will be there to motivate you to push yourself and help you work outside of your comfort zone in a safe manner.


Premium Equipment and Facilities


You’ll be using your own bodyweight for many of the exercises, so expect lots of burpees and box jumps to get that heart rate going. You’ll also be taking full advantage of the premium equipment available in our studios with kettlebells, free weights, thera bands, battle ropes, plate loaded barbells and sliding discs all making an appearance. We provide all the equipment you need for each class – all you need to do is wear comfortable workout gear and don’t forget your water & your sweat towel! All of your circuit classes are carried out in the comfort of our state of the art studios.

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