Yoga Introduction Courses

KĀYA Yoga Introductory Courses

FREE for Kaya HOME, CORE & DUAL Members

KĀYA Health Clubs have carefully designed KĀYA Education Courses with the purpose to educate members of the proper practice and discipline of Yoga. Open your practice up to Yoga from its roots, and learn how powerful each pose and challenge can be during a two hour comprehensive class in our ambient Melbourne settings. During each course, our members receive thorough, experienced care from our accomplished teachers, and learn the exercises and terminology that will help them gain more out of their Yoga. Ideal for beginners, this class is also be hugely beneficial for a yogi anywhere on their journey who wants to cement their knowledge and perfect their technique.

KĀYA Yoga Introduction Courses are able to be tailored to suit the abilities and needs of all body types and skill levels, which offers a rewarding experience for all members.
KĀYA Yoga Introduction provides students with the opportunity to be immersed in the practice of Yoga while becoming intensely familiar with each challenge. With a deeper understanding of the practice, KĀYA members are able to quickly progress their Yoga in a safe setting.

Our KĀYA Yoga Introduction Students Learn:

  • The philosophies of Yoga

  • The fundamentals behind the discipline

  • Safe and correct use of equipment

  • Proper form and perfect technique

The Benefits of KĀYA Yoga include:

  • Achieving internal calm and serenity

  • Strengthening and conditioning muscle tissue, while burning calories

  • Improved flexibility and range of motion

  • A renewed sense of vitality and energy

  • Reduced stress and mental fatigue

  • Improved internal organ function and circulation

Dates & Times

Introductory Courses are held at Kaya Prahran and Emporium


Emporium – Thursday 7th Feb 2019 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Prahran – Saturday 9th Feb 2019 12.30-2.30pm



Duration:  2 hours

Cost: FREE for Kaya core members – Prahran & Emporium Non – members $80

Courses take place approximately every 6 weeks.

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