• How do I become a Pilates instructor in Melbourne?

    It may be something you have considered in the back of you mind, but brushed aside as just being a pipe dream.  For many people, the thought of becoming a Pilates instructor would combine your love of Pilates and your desire to help people. The truth however, may not be that far out of reach, as Kaya Health Clubs work closely with the Elixr School of Pilates (ESOP) to help fans of the practice, follow their dream to become a Kaya Health Clubs Pilates instructor.

    How To Become A Pilates Instructor From Kaya Health Clubs In Melbourne CBD

    There are a number of courses out there, but the Elixr School of Pilates – Instructor Course in Melbourne, starts with a ‘Fundamentals Course’, which allows participants to get an understanding of basic elements that are integral in the journey to becoming an instructor.  The course will outline:


    • Elixr School Pilates Principles
    • Anatomy Review
    • Posture and Alignment
    • Basic Postural Analysis
    • Basic Biomechanics
    • Understanding Core Stability and Core Strength

    From here, students learn a base grounding of what is required to take the next step to becoming a reformer Pilates instructor; starting on their journey to helping others.

    Pilates instructors can come from all walks of life, and while a lot of instructors come from an allied health professional background, i.e. Physiotherapists or Myotherapists, who want to add to their treatment offerings, there are also people without this medical background who have simply long been followers of the Pilates discipline, and chosen to delve further and take on the study to learn more about the fundamentals of Pilates.


    Once you have established an understanding of the fundamentals of Pilates instruction, the next step is to undertake the ‘Reformer Pilates Instructor Course’.  In this course, you will learn how to teach beginner to advanced students in the techniques of reformer Pilates.

    The ESOP Reformer Pilates Instructor Course covers:


    • Programming with Reformer Exercises (individual and group)
    • Effective cueing, correction and motivational techniques
    • Teaching skills for individual and group
    • Lesson plan

    Although the Pilates Courses Melbourne structure in Melbourne is detailed, and requires focus and dedication, it is important to truly understand the anatomy and the core Pilates teachings; as Pilates is utilised by members, not only as a fitness and toning application, but it is also extremely beneficial in injury prevention or recovery. The hands-on learning and intimate teaching environment means that spaces in these courses are limited.  With a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion you will have two teacher trainers, who are dedicated to your education, to guide you through the learning process.


    With Pilates being such a popular active discipline in Melbourne, the time is right to follow your passion, and learn to share your enjoyment of Pilates with others. To find out more, reach out to the team at Kaya Health Clubs, and find you how you can start your journey to becoming a Kaya Health Clubs Pilates instructor: 03 9090 1000.

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