• Offering Inspiration: How to Help Students Stick With Their Pilates Practice

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    If you’re in the midst of your training to become a Pilates instructor or have just begun teaching classes of your own, it’s obvious that you have a passion for Pilates which you’re ready to share with others. So how do you help your students stay enthusiastic and motivated to continue their Pilates practice? Today, we’re here to share how new Pilates teachers can inspire their students for the best results.

    Share your passion

    You love Pilates – otherwise you wouldn’t be teaching it – so why not share this passion with your class! Take the time to share part of your personal journey with your students. How did you become involved in Pilates? Were there any challenges along the way? Why do you enjoy it? This way, students are able to relate to your experiences and draw inspiration and motivation for their own practice.

    Focus on the benefits

    There are so many benefits to regular Pilates practice and it’s important that you communicate these during each class. While demonstrating exercises, explain which muscles your students are targeting and the specific benefits of the various moves. Remember to also mention the general benefits of Pilates during your verbal cueing to offer motivation – this is particularly helpful during the more challenging exercises!

    Change it up

    One of the keys to ensuring that your students stay interested and motivated is to continually change up your Pilates class routine. No matter how effective a certain sequences of exercises may be, students will quickly get bored if you stick to the same routine. Instead, mix up each class and challenge your students by introducing new exercises. You don’t need to make significant changes each time – simply adding some new modifications can be enough to keep students on their toes.

    Offer modifications for all levels

    In some cases, a lack of modifications may impact on a student’s willingness to continue. If the exercises are too difficult, they may feel that the class is beyond them and if they’re not difficult enough, they may feel like there is no point continuing. Always provide beginner and advanced modifications where appropriate so everyone is able to work at their own level for maximum enjoyment.

    Listen to your students

    Being a Pilates teacher is about getting to know your students and tailoring the experience to suit their needs. For example, if a student mentions back issues then take the time to offer alternative exercises where necessary during the class. Or if you’re getting a number of questions about a particular area of concern, demonstrate some appropriate exercises and integrate these into the classes. If you offer a more personalised experience, your students are more likely to keep coming back.


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