Introduction To Pilates Course


KAYA Health Clubs have carefully designed KAYA Education Courses, with the purpose to enlighten and educate members of the proper practise and discipline of Pilates. Learn Pilates from its roots and how powerful each movement can be, through a comprehensive approach in our ambient Melbourne setting. During each course, our members receive kind, experienced care from our accomplished teachers, and learn the exercises and terminology that will help them gain more out of their Pilates than before.

This course can be tailored to suit the abilities and needs of all skill levels. KAYA introduction to Pilates course is the perfect opportunity for beginners to learn about Pilates in a comfortable setting, as well as for advanced Pilates students to refresh their knowledge and ensure that their using correct techniques.

KAYA Pilates Introduction provides students with the opportunity to be immersed in the discipline of Pilates, while becoming intensely familiar with each challenge. With a deeper understanding of the practise, KAYA members are able to quickly progress their Pilates skills in a safe and effective setting.

Our KAYA Pilates Introduction Students Learn:

  • The philosophies of Pilates
  • The fundamentals behind the discipline
  • Safe and correct use of equipment
  • Proper form and perfect technique

The Benefits of KAYA Pilates include:

  • Strengthened posture and muscular definition
  • Heightened balance and co-ordination
  • Increased flexibility and body awareness
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Stability and resilience of joints

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