• How to Make Your Health and Wellness New Year Resolutions Stick

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    After the indulgence of the holiday season, it’s no surprise that many of us make New Year resolutions around health and wellness.  Of course, despite our best intentions, as the year goes on you might find that your well-intended resolutions are quickly forgotten. However, there are ways you can increase your chances of achieving your 2018 goals.

    Whether you’re a Pilates reformer beginner and have resolved to give some classes a try or you have other health and wellness goals you want to achieve, we’re here to help you make those resolutions stick!

    Be specific

    If you want to achieve your 2018 health and wellness goals, you need to start by being specific about each resolution. Think about what you want to achieve, how you’ll achieve it and give yourself a realistic timeframe to complete your goal. A generic New Year resolution is hard to stick to because it offers no real guidance. For example, simply saying that you want to try Pilates isn’t enough. Instead, you could say that you want to increase your strength and flexibility by attending one mat and one reformer Pilates session each week. It’s harder to make excuses when you’ve got clear guidelines for yourself so take some time to sit down and get specific!

    Do regular check ins

    Let’s be honest, most of us have written down some resolutions at the beginning of the year only to never look at them again. To keep you accountable, keep your resolutions visible and purposefully check in each month or so to see if you’re making progress. At each check in, see how closely you’re sticking to your original resolutions and make changes to your goals if relevant to keep up your motivation. For example, you could increase the frequency of classes you attend or add in goals related to regular meditation as the year progresses.

    Don’t worry about setbacks

    Even with the best of intentions, it’s easy to get off track with your health and wellness goals. If you realise that your resolutions have gone out the window at some point, don’t give up entirely. Lifestyle changes can be tough and take time so give yourself a break. Instead, review your original goals and think about what you need to do to get back on track. Even if you’re taking longer than expected to reach your goals, you’ll still be closer than you were at the beginning of 2018. Good luck!

    Here at KĀYA health clubs, we love to support our members so you can achieve your health and wellness goals. From Pilates mat classes and reformer classes to authentic yoga and barre, we offer a wide range of genuine mind and body classes at our Melbourne CBD and Prahran locations. Our passionate teachers will guide you through each class and you’ll be able to truly relax in the serene setting of our studios.

    To get the ball rolling with your 2018 health and wellness resolutions, contact KĀYA today on 03 9090 1000.

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    Demi fell in love with yoga when she travelled to India when she was 20 years old. She loved the feeling of bliss she experienced both during and after class, and how that feeling would stay with her throughout her day. It was also in India, that Demi learned how much she loved to write about her travels. She believes that stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us understand. They imprint a picture in our minds. This led her to her job as a Content Writer. She loves helping businesses tell stories. Especially when the stories involve educating readers on the endless benefits of yoga and Pilates- two of her most loved fitness regimes
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