• A Spotlight on Some of KĀYA’s Favourite Partners and Collaborators

    A Spotlight on Some of KĀYA’s Favourite Partners and Collaborators

    At KĀYA, we have had the pleasure of working with people and groups from all walks of life. From those just taking their first steps into the world of wellness to people who are experienced enough to be teachers themselves, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a fulfilling wellness experience suited to anyone. It is this dedication that has allowed us the opportunity to support some of Melbourne’s biggest names in the worlds of arts, sports and performance, with some new faces and some relationships spanning over a decade.

    This year, we have been especially blessed, with the cast and crew of some of the country’s largest musicals seeking us out as their health club of choice. These crews have put their trust in us, in no small part due to the authenticity and quality of our classes, and we are proud to support their health and wellbeing while touring. Today, we wanted to take a look at some of the work that we have had the pleasure of offering our assistance to, along with a few of the fantastic experiences that are on Melbourne’s event calendar right now!

    Hamilton the Musical


    Whilst the story of Hamilton is a definitively American one, detailing a much-discussed part of the country’s formative history through the lens of the modern United States mindset, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming a worldwide phenomenon. As conflicted as it is catchy and endlessly memorable, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton is regularly touted as one of the great musical touchstones of the 21st century, and it’s easy to see why its mix of hip-hop, jazz, R&B and Broadway has become so beloved by people from all walks of life. Now, after initially being postponed due to pandemic restrictions, Hamilton has officially debuted in Australia, and we at KĀYA are honoured to support the cast and crew as their health club of choice.

    Whilst our competition to win free tickets has come and gone, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience this incredible show for yourself. Tickets are still on sale into August 2022, so book your seat at Her Majesty’s Theatre while you still can!

    American In Paris


    There are few things that bring the theatre lovers in quite like the classics, and with a story as endlessly iconic as An American in Paris, you know that the cast and crew have a lot to live up to. Mostly known for the 1951 musical movie of the same name, this post-war comedy has made its way into the hearts of generations of theatre lovers, and with this new iteration continuing its legacy as a tour-de-force of choreography and spectacle, it seems that’s unlikely to change.

    Naturally, we at KĀYA are thrilled to support The Australian Ballet and GWB Entertainment in this momentous production as their official health club of choice. So, if you’re looking for a fantastic way to bask in the glow of a romantic spectacle for the ages, An American in Paris is an absolute must-see.

    Moulin Rouge

    When it comes to sounds, lights and visceral delights, few modern musicals can compare to the sheer visual opulence of Moulin Rouge. Based on the ever-iconic Baz Luhrmann movie of the same name, the movie is a timeless depiction of romance, beauty and freedom set to a backdrop of magical realism and a tapestry of iconic modern musical hits. With the show bursting onto Australian stages from August to April this year, few theatre productions have gotten the amount of fanfare and praise that Moulin Rouge has rightly received throughout its continued run.

    To celebrate the success of Moulin Rouge! The Musical, along with our partnership as their team’s official health club of choice, a few lucky KĀYA members were given exclusive access to a dance class with the show’s resident choreographer, Travis Khan. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

    Australian Ballet


    As briefly touched on earlier, KĀYA has the pleasure of working with The Australian Ballet as a proud supporting partner. Between our Prahran and Emporium locations, we have maintained a dedicated relationship with this fantastic company of the Arts for over a decade, through some of the institution’s most beautiful and iconic performances. There are few artistic groups that have maintained The Australian Ballet’s unwavering reputation for quality and artistic integrity, and we at KĀYA are so honoured to support the minds and bodies of The Australian Ballet dancers and play a small part in the continuing journey of this magnificent company.

    Being chosen as The Australian Ballet’s chosen club is no easy feat, as the company are very particular about where their dancers train. Safety is paramount when it comes to ballet, which is why the company’s medical crew came to inspect our facility to ensure standards were met before we were selected.

    ~It’s hard to overstate just how honoured we are to be a part of Australia’s artistic and sports landscapes, and we will never take the connections we have had the privilege of making for granted. With that said, while we take immense pride in working on big projects like this, we will never forget our true goal, which is to assist and support people of all skill levels and walks of life in their wellness journeys. To learn more about what we do, why not contact one of our experienced specialists?

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