• How You Can Start Putting Your Mental Health First

    How You Can Start Putting Your Mental Health First

    When it comes to your wellness journey, mental health is just as important as your physical health but is something that is often overlooked. At Kaya Health Clubs, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits our members can see in their mental health when they take advantage of our Melbourne yoga studios and start focussing on their own self-care. Today, we’re sharing some of the ways you can start putting your mental health first.

    How You Can Start Putting Your Mental Health First

    Practice saying no:

    We often get into the habit of saying yes to additional work or social engagements without thinking, only to find that stress and panic set in when we realise we’ve taken on too much. Practice setting appropriate boundaries for yourself by saying no more often to activities you really don’t want to do.

    Commit to a daily walk:

    When you’re struggling the get through the week, the thought of integrating exercise in can be too much. However, committing to a daily walk is a great way to start slow and get out into the fresh air. Start with a 10 minute walk every day for a week and see how much it improves your mood.

    Start a gratitude journal:

    Although it might seem simple, studies are starting to show the benefits of gratitude on our mental health. With that in mind, now could be the perfect time to start a gratitude journal. All you need to do is put aside five minutes each night to write down things that you’re grateful for – minimal effort for a positive impact on your mental health.

    Schedule time with friends:

    Social interaction is important for humans but with our busy schedules, it can often be months between a proper catch up with friends. Try to organise regular catch ups with people who make you feel good – a monthly dinner, regular coffee or even a phone call can make a big difference.

    Try regular yoga classes:

    Numerous studies have highlighted the positive impact regular yoga practice can have your mental health so why not give it a try! Yoga can help you tap into the parasympathetic nervous system to help your body rest and repair, as well as enhancing your mind and body connection. 

    At Kaya Health Clubs, we’re passionate about providing you with support and guidance on your health and wellness journey. We have genuine yoga classes available across both of our clubs in a range of disciplines, including Hatha, Yin, Nidra, and Vinyasa. Each of our classes ends with guided meditation so you leave feeling centred and relaxed. We also provide complementary yoga introductory courses for our members so you can gain better insight into your yoga practice. 

    If you’re looking for Prahran yoga or classes in the Melbourne CBD, contact Kaya Health Clubs today on 03 9090 1000.

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