Yoga Classes

KĀYA Yoga Classes

For an authentic Yoga experience, KĀYA curates a selection of traditional disciplines for our members to attend. With passion and knowledge, our teachers create a calm, supportive space, and bring enthusiasm and care into every Melbourne Yoga class across our 2 locations. Our teachers can adjust each Yoga experience to suit their classes needs or physicality levels so that all yogi’s, from beginner to accomplished, can find peacefulness and challenges within their practice, and a sense of enjoyment.

Our Yoga Teachers

Our team of specialist Yoga teachers are dedicated yogi’s who live and breathe their practice. They frequently enjoy complete immersion in yoga retreats in places like India and Bali where they can focus on furthering their personal yoga practice, and they bring this knowledge and care into their classes for our members to experience. For our Melbourne Yoga teachers, Yoga is a way of life, and they are a source of inspiration and support for our members.

The History of Yoga

With practices dating back to over 3000 years, scholars believe Yoga grew from Stone Age Shamanism, with the primary focus of healing members within the community. As the focus of Yoga evolved inwardly to self-restoration, modern lifestyles have left many of us searching for the grounding practices which Yoga can offer. The resurgence of Yoga illustrates the need for an oasis in the chaos of daily life, and KĀYA offers the most healing and intensive Yoga classes in Melbourne, complemented by authentic meditation sessions and Yoga for beginners.

Our Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is the ancestral form of many modern Yoga styles, with a focus on caring for the physical vessel of our immaterial spirit. With movements transitioning from static to flowing, Hatha is a slow practice- ideal for an introduction to various Yoga poses and use of props, as well as a centering flow for more advanced yogi’s to retreat into and find strength and flexibility to propel their practice.

Yin Yoga

Through the search for lengthening and soothing deep muscle tissue, Yin Yoga complements the Yang of dynamic movement for muscular strength. Yin Yoga is generally mat-based, with the focus on extensive holds to find deeper connection within every pose, and reaching new connective tissue which can often be neglected. Yin Yoga is especially healing for members who regularly practice cardio or strength-based training, to improve mobility and injury healing/prevention, as the muscle learns to access new ranges within the tissue. Use Yin Yoga to positively affect the para-sympathetic nervous system, soothing the mind and body into a state of ultimate serenity.

Vinyasa Yoga

With a fast transition between asanas, each movement is synchronised with the breath to provide added cardiovascular training within the healing methods of Yoga. This practice is suited to Melbourne members with previous yoga experience, and is sometimes referred to ‘power flow’ Yoga, for its strong movements and pace.

Yoga Nidra

This is a Yin Yoga class, followed by Nidra practice. Nidra is a deep relaxation practice, sometimes referred to as ‘psychic sleep’, to release built up mental and physical tension, ultimately leaving members rejuvenated and relaxed. Under careful guidance from our accomplished teachers, Nidra uses verbal cues to lead you through a clearing process of the mind, and inward focus of awareness and cycles of breath. Nidra allows your mind to quiet, your heart rate to slow, and your consciousness to retreat into a state of deep calm and restfulness.

Yoga with Guided Meditation

This is a Yoga class, of styles detailed on the timetable, followed by a form of deep meditation. Yoga meditation classes are entwined in a relationship of mental and physical fulfilment, and compliment each other harmoniously. Led by our dedicated Yoga teachers, use this time to explore deep relaxation and internal awareness, with verbal cues which allow members to become mindful of breath, their thought patterns, and the various pockets of tension held throughout the body.

Guided Meditation

Kaya guided meditation classes allow students to cultivate awareness on the present moment, awaken senses and turn attention within. Promotes physical & mental relaxation. Enhances personal & spiritual growth. Will leave you feeling grounded & energised

Our Studios

Yoga-Prahran - Kaya Health ClubsOur warm, inviting yoga studios offer a Zen sanctuary for Prahran yoga students and Melbourne yoga students alike. Our full-service studios come equipped with mats, bolsters, blocks, straps and blankets so all you need to bring is yourself to enjoy yoga in Prahran and Melbourne. Let the stress of your day dissipate, or, clear your mind and prepare for the day ahead with a relaxing, centring Prahran yoga class or Melbourne yoga class. Warm candlelight and soothing music in our Melbourne and Prahran yoga studio’s will help you escape from the hustle and bustle of Chapel street or the CBD. Immerse yourself in a Prahran yoga or Melbourne yoga class with our dedicated instructors to guide you along the way. We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful space.

If you are unsure where to start and would like to experience yoga for beginners, Kaya Health Clubs offers an introductory class that can give you the confidence & skills needed to attend our classes or practice at home.




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