• Our Best Tips For Beginners To Pilates

    Have you been thinking about trying something new lately?

    It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby, and Pilates classes for beginners are the perfect way to embark on your Pilates journey. Pilates is a system of safe, controlled movements and exercises, and can be undertaken by people of any age or ability – and our specialist introduction courses in Pilates will make sure you’re prepared and confident for your first Pilates class. At Kaya, our Pilates classes are perfect for anyone from beginners to advanced, with a range of adjustments and modifications to suit you, but there are some tips we’ve included below so that you’re already ahead of the pack when you step on the mat.

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    Time And Space

    If you want to stay dedicated, you might want to set aside some time (in your day) and space (in your home) to practise. Turn your phones off and declutter a space for your mat – otherwise you could end up flaking on your practice halfway through to rearrange the clutter. Pilates is just as much about creating space in your mind as using the space around you, so a calm, clean area will be perfect to get the maximum benefits.

    Be Patient

    If you’ve seen the bodies of Pilates enthusiasts, you’ll see the results Pilates can have, but it’s important to avoid placing unrealistic expectations on yourself. You have your own journey to embark on, and your own hurdles to overcome and goals to achieve. Be patient and let yourself run your natural course, without any pressure about what the next person is doing or how you may look.

    Controlled Execution

    Pilates is not designed to have the flowing movements of some styles of yoga – in fact, many of the benefits of Pilates come from your stabilising muscles working to hold you steady, so by moving your weight around you’re actually diminishing from the work. Use the pauses attentively as they occur, but otherwise focus on remaining still and controlled whenever you can.

    Proper Posture

    If you’re working on your back, you’ll want to ensure that your lower back is rounded with vertebrae resting on the floor – it might feel a little odd when you need to round the lumbar spine and focus on your abs because many of us suffer from a weak core affecting our posture and asking our back to roll the other way, resulting in a rounded belly. By practising this in Pilates, you will soon see all areas of your life changing with your new, strengthened posture!
    Another way to achieve great form in Pilates is in core exercises where your head is held off the floor. You might think that looking up is what you should aim for, but in fact this neck tension can cause you lasting pain and is taking away some of the results from your routine. You should be able to image a tennis ball being held between your chin and your collarbone, and be looking straight ahead.

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    Your Pilates instructor will be able to guide you through any more tips and pointers that they think will be beneficial to you – now all you need to do is to find out when a Pilates Introductory Course at Kaya Health Clubs is on and book yourself in! For more information, chat to our friendly team at the reception desk.

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