• Yin Yoga, At Prahran and Emporium

    Each style of yoga is considered to be exceptionally beneficial, and Yin yoga is another amazing style of yoga to try. If you’ve seen Yin on your KAYA timetable but haven’t given it a go yet, here’s what you can expect at your next Yin class.

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    What Is Yin?

    Yin yoga is the gentle sibling to Yang practices. While the style of yoga such as Vinyasa offer a more physically challenging system of movement, Yin is directed at the deeper tissues of the body, such as fascia and connective tissues, and postures are focussed on main joints in the body where tension or injuries are common. Yin yoga is great to help your body to remain flexible and resilient, especially in areas such as your spine, hips, and sacrum.

    In fast-paced yoga classes, you might find yourself absent-mindedly following the movements as you would in any other fitness class – Yin doesn’t allow such luxuries here. Yin yoga requires the participant to become intimately aware of the Self and to be constantly listening internally to any sensations or emotions which arise, making it popular in programs for those who are confronting trauma, pain, disorders, or conscious imbalances. It is the rare opportunity to sit with yourself and open the lines of communication within yourself for an uninterrupted dialogue with your most raw inner cognitions. No phone checking, no day-dreaming, just genuine attention turned inwards to the Self.

    This kind of inner awareness can require cultivation, so anyone who would like to try Yin Yoga should give it a few sessions before they decide if it’s for them. Many yoga practitioners will find themselves impatient or sitting idly during practices such as Yin, but the conscious essence of Yin is the centre essence of yoga, which should be as treasured as much the physical release.

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    Learn to isolate and listen to various parts of your body as you experience stillness in your surroundings and your mind. As beginners bring their awareness away from ‘I wonder how much longer this class has’, they will notice the meditative calm which Yin offers, and will begin to understand the benefits of yoga in a whole new way. Come try yoga in Prahran or melbourne with us.