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Conditions for Time Freeze

Time Freeze is granted on written application for a minimum of One (1) week up to a maximum of twenty-six (26) weeks.

Requests for Time Freeze must be submitted to Kaya online or in writing no less than one (1) day prior to the commencement of the Freeze.

Members may not train in the club during the period of their requested Time Freeze.

A Time Freeze Fee of a minimum of $5.00 & $0.71 per day thereafter will be charged during any such Freeze period. Members with pre-paid memberships are required to settle Freeze Fees at the time of submitting their Request to Freeze. The Minimum Term Agreement will be extended by the period of the Time Freeze, therefore the member will be obliged to pay the minimum term agreement amount in addition to the Time Freeze period.

Membership dues will be adjusted (pro-rata) for members returning to the club prior to the completion of their Time Freeze.

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