• 5 Things You Should Know Before Taking Your First Spin Class

    Tips For Taking A Spinning Class At Kaya Health Clubs In Melbourne

    We all know that cycling is fantastic form of exercise – it not only gives you a great cardio boost but also increases muscle strength and tone. The many benefits of cycling are why spinning classes continue to be a popular fitness class option. After all, you get a great workout on the bike without having to leave the comfort of the studio! If you’re new to the world of spinning class and want to give it a try, we’re here to give some helpful tips for beginners.

    1. Easy on the handlebars

    When you’re working hard in your spin class, it’s common for beginners (and anyone else for that matter!) to start gripping the handlebars. This puts pressure on your shoulders and back rather than letting your core do the hard work. Remember that the handlebars aren’t meant to support the weight of your upper body – relax your grip and lift up your fingers from time to time to check that you’re not hanging on for dear life.

    2. Adjust your resistance

    You’ll be able to adjust your own resistance during your spin class so don’t be shy about changing up your resistance to get the right balance. If you have too much resistance, you won’t be able to maintain your form and keep up with the rest of the class. With too little resistance, you don’t get the most out of your workout. Your instructor will also give you cues during class in relation to your resistance.

    3. Get there ten minutes early

    For your first time at spin, make sure you arrive to your class early and have a chat to your instructor. They’ll give you any information you may need before class gets started and, most importantly, they’ll set up your bike so you have smooth and comfortable ride. It’ll take a bit of practice before you can set your bike up yourself so leave it to the experts to begin with!

    4. Bring water and a tower

    Spin class is a full body workout which really gets the heart pumping so be prepared when you come along to your first class! Remember to bring along water to keep yourself hydrated during class and a towel for when you work up a sweat. During your first class, don’t push yourself too hard – ease off for plenty of water breaks and ease your way back into it.

    5. It’s completely addictive

    Finally, one of the most important things you need to be prepared for is how much you’ll enjoy going along to spinning class and you’ll probably find yourself coming back for more! With the energetic music, inspiring instructors and ever-changing terrains, spinning class is an awesome full body workout.


    Kaya Health Clubs provide dynamic, motivating spinning classes in Melbourne from the comfort of our state of the art studio in Prahran. Our expert coaches have extensive cycling experience and will take you through varying terrains and paces while also ensuring that you work to your own pace. Come along and give one of our spinning classes a try!


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