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Spinning Classes

KAYA Spinning Classes

KAYA Spinning ™ Classes provide the exhilarating experience of outdoor riding with the comforts and convenience of our modern, ambient Melbourne studios. Immerse yourself in our high-energy spin cycle classes with varying terrains and pace. Our coaches are expert cyclists, who motivate and inspire our members with energetic music, an ever-changing scenery, and an interactive, personal approach. KAYA Spinning ™ Classes require no coordination, and is suitable for all levels of cycle experience.

Benefits of KAYA Spinning Classes

  • Burn Calories and Tone Muscle Spinning ™ is an effective exercise if you’re aiming to increase your calorie burn, as well as strengthen and tone your abdominal and leg muscles. By toning muscle as well as burning calories, KAYA Spinning ™ is a powerful process to quickly sculpt and define your body shape.
  • Develop Cardiovascular Health Spinning ™ offers the combination of both endurance and cardiovascular training, which boosts your heart and lung efficiency. As a highly effective method of fitness conditioning, our Spin instructors will motivate you to push past your barriers and gain the ultimate rewards.
  • Pace
    Thanks to our state-of-the-art Spinning ™ cycle facilities, you can have all of the benefits of a group ride, without the fear of falling behind should you pedal slower, and the ability to adjust your resistance to find your personal level of conditioning. As the action is known to everyone, and most are capable of completing, Spin cycling doesn’t require any familiarity with routines, so you can focus on the exercise at hand.
  • Experience A Powerful Workout With Low Impact:
    KAYA Spinning ™ classes allows you to experience movement, without jarring impacts to your joints and bones. For many members, Spinning ™ is the most effective exercise with minimal chance of aggravating injury, and can compliment a rehabilitation exercise program when undertaken with previous medical advice.
  • Enjoy Riding In A Team:
    Use the energy within the Spin studio to push you throughout your class, and feel the current of power as your class strives to hurtle through personal boundaries. Encourage others in your class, and feel the inspiration and resilience which emanates throughout the room.

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